The Best Wellness Apps On Android For Stress And Anxiety

Taking care of yourself doesn't only refer to your physical health. Your mental well-being is equally important. You might be maintaining good hygiene, getting proper exercise, and doing regular health checkups, but if you're not taking similar care of your mental health, you're doing it wrong.

Everybody has experienced stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. You might be working a nine-to-five or in school. Whatever you're doing, having to stress over it comes with the package. And with stress can come anxiety. While it is perfectly natural , it's also obviously a nuisance and can interfere with what you do. Feelings of anxiety may go away on their own, or they might need a little push. The trick is to know how to not let them overwhelm you.

Although nothing beats a session with a therapist, there are steps you can take yourself to help. You can start by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Interestingly, your smartphone can also help. A few cool people have created software to help make stress and anxiety a little bit more manageable. Yes, there are mobile apps designed specifically to improve the user's mental health.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Headspace is a wellness app developed to help users employ meditation and breathing practices for increased mindfulnes. Officially launched in 2012, the meditation app now has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Backed by a variety of tutorials, exercises, and features, Headspace is best known for its guided meditation library. It starts out by teaching the user the fundamentals and slowly progresses to more advanced breathing and meditation techniques. People with more meditation experience can also choose more advanced courses.

The app offers guided meditation routines with unique topics related to specific issues, for example, 'Finding Confidence After Unemployment' and 'How to Handle Anxiety While Meditating.' Headspace also offers a useful feature, dubbed the "SOS" sessions, which can help you in an anxiety attack. It has an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interfaceBasi and also provides various cardio and movement exercise tutorials conducted by experts. Features like Sleepcasts, Sleep music, and Wind downs are specially designed to help you get a good night's sleep, which is vital for stress relief.

Headspace is based on a subscription model, offering monthly subscriptions for $12.99 and yearly for $69.99. A free trial is offered with both subscription plans, giving the user access to the app for seven and 14 days free of charge when choosing monthly and yearly subscription plans, respectively.

Calm - Sleep, Meditate, Relax

Calm was developed and released in 2012 as an app for guided meditation, but it has slowly branched out into guiding users to achieve better sleep and relaxation — this is in a growing market for meditation apps to find your inner zen. Called "The World's Happiest App" by the Center for Humane Technology, Calm has been downloaded over 50 million times from the Play Store.

The app allows you to decide how much time you spend on it daily. Based on that, it provides tutorials for guided meditation and relaxation techniques, along with many features intended to improve sleep quality. A special mood tracking feature is available, developed to check in with you and learn what you are feeling, and then use that information to make a personalized mood report that can be used to help you cope and manage your feelings better.

Calm offers a range of features for improving sleep quality, from bedtime stories narrated by beloved celebrities to calming sleep music based on popular songs. You can also take dance and yoga classes through the app, which goes a long way when dealing with anxiety by providing happiness and relaxation.

You can use Calm for free, but the free version is limited and lacks most features. Calm premium is available for $14.99 per month and $69.99 per year. A week-long free trial is offered to test premium features and see if purchasing it would be worthwhile.


Happify is a fun-to-use wellness app created to promote positive thinking and beat stress by playing relaxing games and do other mood-boosting activities. Available for both Android and iOS devices, Happify has more than 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

Happify will confiure based on your mental health goals (such as managing stress and improving self-confidence) and, based on them, provide you with various exercises and challenges that will help you accomplish those goals. You can choose from a large set of 'Tracks,' which are simply courses designed by experts to address specific issues like negative thoughts or low self-esteem. Some courses include a unique feature, a coach powered by an artificial intelligence named 'Anna.' This coach offers guidance throughout your track and responds to your statements and questions.

It has an extensive library of science-backed games and activities, and the app provides a progress-tracking feature that shows how your psychological state has improved since starting Happify. You can also interact with other users in the Happify community.

Users can either pay for Happify Plus or use the basic free version of the app. A monthly subscription costs $14.99, while a yearly subscription sets you back $139.99. A lifetime subscription can also be bought for $449.99.