Samsung announces "Quantum dot display era" with 2016 SUHD TVs

4K UHD resolution? Curved screens? Check. Smart TV OS? Check. HDR? Check. Name the technology or feature and most likely Samsung already has a TV for it. But if you're think the Korean manufacturer has already run out of buzzwords, you might want to reconsider your position. This is Samsung after all. Announcing this year's new breed of Smart UHD TVs. Aside from the features already mentioned, this line also represents Samsung's foray into the world of Quantum Dot displays and what is bills as HDR 1000.

Samsung isn't entirely the first in the Quantum Dot marketing. Last year, LG and even Phillips showcased their take on this budding TV technology. With most TV makers already settled on the resolution department, the battle has shifted over to color accuracy and brightness. Quantum Dot display is the industry's answer to the former. It uses nanoparticles in order to produce accurate red, greens, and blues, the foundation of all additive colors, more popularly known as RGB.

The theory behind Quantum Dots is that the size of the nanocrystals determine the color they produce. In conventional LCD and LED screens, color is determined by a filter, which doesn't exactly produce accurate color representations. With quantum dots, the smallest particles always emit blue color, bigger ones go green, while the largest shine red.

HDR 1000, on the other hand, is simply the next step up from HDR. The "1000" in the marketing term refers to 1000 nits of brightness. So while HDR already attempts to deliver bright, crisp colors by increasing the range of brightness, a 1000 nit brightness level promises to take it up a notch. Samsung pairs this with its Ultra Black feature that absorbs ambient light so as not to adversely affect the display and reduce reflections.

Of course, being Smart UHD TVs, these will come with a wide array of features and potential content sources from cable TV to OTT to Blu-rays to streaming. Eventually, you might find yourself grasping for this or that remote control. Samsung's single Smart TV remote control promises a single remote to rule them all.

Samsung's 2016 Quantum dot display SUHD TVs will begin their rollout in Korea before heading out to the world in the coming weeks. Sizes range from 49 to 88 inches and even include curved models. Pricing and availability details remain under wraps.

SOURCE: Samsung