Flashlight with a compact DVR inside

I can't tell you how many times I've sneaking around a building late at night with only my flashlight to guide me and hoping that I remember everything I see when I get home, mostly because I've never done that. If I did do that and often enough I would look to the Flashlight DVR, from Swann Security, to help me.

As it sounds, it is a flashlight with a DVR built-in. It does have night vision and is an all-in-one rechargeable flashlight. Besides being a digital video recorder, it does come with a microphone to pick up any noises and is also a camera. It's encased in a high strength aluminum alloy casing and will record for about 8 hours. It's USB supported so you can easily access your findings via computer and even comes with a panic siren incase you end up in over your head.

You can pick up your own Flashlight DVR for just $399. That sounds like a bit much but I'd like to have this device, I can just imagine all the uses I'd find for it... spying, ghost hunting, taping peoples reactions when I jump out of the bushes.

FlashlightDVR [via gadgettastic]