Why The Maybach S580's Executive Rear Seat Package May Make You Give Up Riding Shotgun

Folks racing to call dibs on riding shotgun has been in decline since the advent of backseat entertainment screens. But the Mercedes-Maybach S 580 puts a stake squarely in the heart of sitting up front by taking rear seat passenger luxury to another level,

To be clear, the 2023 model of the 4.0L V8 biturbo 496 hp Maybach S 580 starts at $193,400, so this feature won't ever fully be appreciated by a large majority of the passenger riding population who are more accustomed to the amenities customarily found in mom's soccer van or SUVs. But the Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS offered in the S 580 (almost literally) bathes you in such opulence that you'll never want to get out, and at an extra $6,000, the price tag for this add-on is relatively affordable, given just how much you're getting.

The actual Nappa leather upholstered seats and the litany of features available for them are what really shine. The 4-seat cabin configuration gives you twin multi-contour power rear seats with fully adjustable lumbar supports, side bolsters, and shoulder supports.

It really ups the ante on the seat behind the front passenger by allowing it to recline up to 43 degrees. When doing so, it automatically extends a calf and footrest. If the front seat is unoccupied, it pushes it forward an additional three inches, giving you even more room, so you're almost lying down.

Sit back, relax and let the world melt away

What's more, both rear seats can be heated or cooled through a ventilation system that circulates air through perforations via reversible fans that draw heat away. They also include power adjustable headrests complete with plush padded pillows that — wait for it — also exude their own warmth directly to the neck and shoulders. If that's still not enough comfort, passengers can pick from a few different massage programs to work out the kinks.

The center console between the seats has a power-operated cover, houses heated and cooled cupholders, and climate controls. Directly behind the cup holders is another section with a detachable 7-inch remote tablet cradled at the top. Pop it out, and you can control most of the Maybach's entertainment and comfort features, including the 64-color active LED ambient lighting controls built into the back of front seats and doors.

Open the heated armrest lid (manually), and inside are two fold-out tables like what you might find aboard a first-class airline. Also inside is a wireless device charger and a handful of different ports and plugs for other electronic devices. The section between the seatbacks houses a small rear-cabin refrigerator with a pair of silver-plated champagne flutes, custom-made by five-generation German silversmiths Robbe & Berking.

One drawback to the Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS is it dramatically shrinks the amount of available trunk space. But if hauling things is that important, maybe you should stick to a truck or SUV, not a Maybach.